Film: The Tiger and the Deer-09/23/15

The Tiger and the Deer- El Tigre y el Venado

full-225x300The Story talks about “Don Chelino”, an old man of 103 years old, from Tacuba, Ahuachapán, El Salvador, who knows how to play the indigenous flute, called “pito de Carrizo”, which is the main musical instrument in the traditional dance “el tigre y el venado” (the tiger and the deer). The man teaches to a young man how to play the flute in order to maintain alive the tradition; at the same time, he tells to his apprentice the Story about the indigenous massacre in El Salvador, occurred in 1932, and that it was considered the most brutal repression act against the indigenous culture in El Salvador. The apprentice learns to play the flute and together with Don Chelino, they play the song and enjoy the music with the traditional dancers.

Introduction to film and Q& A with Natalia Ochoa

The Wooly, 20 N Main Street, Gainesville, FL 32061.

Date: Wednesday, September 23  Time: 7 pm     Cost: Free

Find here the full program of the Gainesville Latino Film Festival



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