Overview of Action Works Nepal’s Radha Paudel’s Lecture & Visit to Santa Fe College


Click here to watch a video of Action Works Nepal’s founder, Radha Paudel, during her visit to Santa Fe College this November!

The topic of her lecture was Humanitarian Relief and Human Rights After Nepal’s Earthquakes.

Radha Paudel founded Action Works Nepal and dedicated her life to providing humanitarian relief and educational funding, and travels to poor regions helping communities reduce violence against women and advocating the end of “chaupaddi” – the segregation of women during menstruation and childbirth.

For the past two years, Radha has been on the road providing food, water, medicine, and supplies to towns devastated by two earthquakes and their aftershocks.
In 2012, San Diego University nominated her as a Woman of Peace while the United Nations Development Programme honored her with the N-Peace Award.
In 2014, the Nepali government honored her with a Youth Development Award and her book, “Khalangama Hamala,” won the prestigious Madan Puruskar Award.

Her story is available at http://www.actionworksnepal.com.


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